Saturday, September 29, 2012

Promoting a Positive Classroom Environment...EASY!

Okay, so I am so very thankful for finding and buying our new house. With that said, it would have been great TWO MONTHS ago lol...moving during the first few weeks of school has got to be one of the most exhausting things I've ever done and TPT and blogging have taken a backseat, unfortunately! I miss this!

On the upside, I discovered a book that I think has been floating around for a few years and is probably well known to many of you, "How Full is Your Bucket?" I owe a million thanks to Mrs. Motion, our new guidance counselor for sharing this story with my fifth graders!

 Initially, I thought it was a nifty story and forgot about it for a few days until I heard one of the kids say, “That’s NOT filling someone’s bucket!” I reread the story and decided that this was definitely something we needed more of to encourage a safe and positive classroom without anything too complicated! And so, our bucket fillers were born. I scrambled up a too small bucket and printed out a few slips, and discussed appropriate times to complete a “bucket filler” for someone. THE SLIPS WERE GONE within the hour!!! I figured the kids would do it for a few days and then it would die off, but that was about 3 weeks ago. Since then, we have had hundreds of bucket fillers read to one another and the students are even starting to write them for past teachers, resource teachers, and my substitute who was just thrilled to get a positive compliment from a student. I have also found that the bucket fillers are a way for me to reach out more frequently to recognize all students for the little steps they are taking to improve themselves…and watch them smile!

 At first, there were a lot of “thanks for being a good friend” or “you are so nice,” but as I praised the really specific fillers and introduced my own specific praises in bucket fillers, the kids have begun to notice the small things they do for one another. This has been such a positive and simple classroom management strategy! I use the bucket fillers during almost every transition and the kids are just dying to hear the next one, making transitions super efficient. I hope you are able to experience as much fun as we’ve had with this book!
These are just the bucket fillers students have written to me or  that I have written to the class as a whole.  They keep their personal bucket fillers.  They really seem to enjoy rereading the ones on my cabinet though!

Have a wonderful weekend and may your bucket be full!
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